Staff List

NWADA Center Staff

Kurt L. Johnson
Professor, Department of Rehab Medicine, Division of Rehab Counseling, CTDS
Mell Toy wearing a blue top and glasses
Assistant Director
Director Emeritus
Linda Clemon-Karp wearing a blue scarf and black top
Continuing Education Coordinator
Heather Evans
Research Staff
Jeff Witzel wearing a blue, red, white plaid shirt and smiling
Director of IT, CTDS
Sharan Brown wearing a red blazer, she has glasses and is smiling
Research Professor

Cross-Center Staff

Beth Boland wearing a black top and multicolor sweater
Director, Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
Eva deLeon wearing a black top and red sweater
Assistant Director of Programs & Director of ADII
Susan Dziedzic wearing a black top and white blaxer
Assistant Director of Finance and Operations
Tammi olson wearing a pink sweater
Accessibility Specialist
Christine Fowler wearing a black top
Fiscal Support Specialist
Sara Cravens wearing a dark blue top
Program Coordinator
Paul Dziedzic wearing a grean sweater
Director of Leadership Institute

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