Adapted Tools and Strategies

For information about tools and strategies for disabilities we are providing the following links as resources for anyone to use and share.  This page will be a constant work in progress so check back regularly for updates.  These resources are also posted to our Twitter and Facebook accounts  Follow us on Twitter and Like Our Page on Facebook for the fastest updates.

Blind or Low Vision

Low Vision Optical Devices

Monocular telescopes – These devices can enable a person with low vision to magnify images in the distance, which can be helpful for reading building or street signs or viewing a presentation. Some telescopes can focus as close as a couple of feet away, and some are effective for expanding the visual field when analyzing a street intersection, etc.

Man using a low vision monocular device



January 4th is World Braille Day.Consisting of raised dots, Braille is not a language but a code that provides tactile reading and math literacy. Braille comes in two sizes (regular and jumbo), can be produced in a number of materials (including sticker labels), and can be a solution for computer access. For more information, visit: American Foundation for the Blind.
Girl using Braille to read a book

Low Vision Evaluations

February is Low Vision Awareness Month. For people with low vision (visual impairment that cannot be corrected with standard glasses, contacts, medication, or surgery), an evaluation performed by a low vision optometrist or low vision therapist can result in low- and high-tech solutions so the individual can resume such activities as reading the newspaper and books, seeing their computer screen, and watching TV. Magnifiying glass being used to read book text


Motor Dexterity

Eye Gaze

Users of this tech point at the computer screen with their eyes. Then they blink, maintain fixed gaze, or use a switch to perform the action, such as typing on an onscreen keyboard. For more information about Eye Gaze devices, visit

Person using Eye Gaze technology to type








Devices that oftentimes resemble large buttons, switches enable the user to give a command to an electronic system as an alternative to pressing a small button or giving a mouse click. Switches are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and pressure sensitivity, and some connect wirelessly. Purple switch being used to move a toy monkey










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