Heather D. Evans, Ph.D.

Heather Evans
Research Staff

Areas of Expertise:

Heather is a socio-legal scholar who does research in the field of Critical Disability Studies. She has conducted statistical analyses, ethnographic fieldwork, and evaluation research. Heather’s current work examines “invisible disability”, focusing on disclosure, identity management, and workplace accommodations among people with physical, mental, and sensory differences that are not readily apparent. She is also committed to community based research and does consulting work for local social justice organizations, primarily focusing on disparities within the criminal justice system.

Relevant Experience and Education:

Heather earned Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Comparative History of Ideas, and then a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Washington. She has completed graduate level certifications in Statistics and Comparative Law & Society. Heather spent 8 years teaching courses in the Department of Sociology; Disability Studies Program; and the Law, Societies & Justice Department at UW and UWB before joining CCER.


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