Disability and discrimination issues in the United States with regards to housing are covered by the Fair Housing Act (FHA), including issues such as reasonable accommodations in apartment complexes. Information can be found, and complaints can be filed, with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Housing Resources

Fair Housing Partners of Washington State: Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications: A Guide for Residents With Disabilities Guide [PDF] (2013)

Equal Housing Opportunity: Fair Housing Videos
The National Fair Housing Alliance, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, created these 12 videos in American Sign Language (ASL) with English captioning. These videos provide critical legal and practical information in a format accessible to persons who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing. The videos were produced by Disability independence Group, NFHA and Sweetwater Media.

FairHousing Accessibilty First
Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST is an initiative designed to promote compliance with the Fair Housing Act design and construction requirements. It is a great resource for answers to frequently asked questions on the housing rights of people with disabilities and the responsibilities of housing providers and building and design professionals under federal law.

HUD.gov: People with Disabilities

HUD.gov: Accessibility Requirements for Buildings
This HUD resource provides information on the housing accessibility requirements for both private and Federally assisted housing.

Fair Housing Act Accessibility Guidelines
This document presents guidelines adopted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide builders and developers with technical guidance on how to comply with the specific accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988.

Fair Housing Act Design Manual (April 1998)
First published in 1996, the Fair Housing Act Design Manual: A Manual to Assist Designers and Builders in Meeting the Accessibility Requirements of The Fair Housing Act provides clear and helpful guidance about ways to design and construct housing which complies with the Fair Housing Act.

Contact HUD

HUD has local offices in every state, and plenty of information online at www.hud.gov. You may contact your Local HUD office or a Regional Office (see below).

HUD's Region 10 Regional Office (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

Seattle Regional Office of FHEO
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Seattle Federal Office Building
909 First Avenue, Room 205
Seattle, Washington 98104-1000
(206) 220-5170
(800) 877-0246
TTY (206) 220-5185

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