Northwest ADA Center - Idaho


The Northwest ADA Center-Idaho is a cooperative project in Idaho providing statewide ADA technical assistance and support that was formerly offered through the Idaho Task Force on the ADA. On May 1, 2012 Idaho received funding from the Northwest ADA Center to provide information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

There are four partners in the ADA coalition composed of the three Idaho Centers for Independent Living (CIL) and a state coordinator. The primary contract will be managed by Disability Action Center-NW, Inc.

The main contact person for the Northwest ADA Center-Idaho is Dana Gover, ADA Training and Technical Assistance Consultant. Contact information:

Technical Assistance phone and text: 208-841-9422
Relay: 7-1-1

Northwest ADA Center-Idaho Coalition

Dana Gover, Director
Access Concepts & Training, Inc

Mark Leeper, Director
Disability Action Center-Northwest (DAC NW)

Jeremy Maxand, Director
Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC)

Michael Lefevor, Director
Life - A Center for Independent Living

Additional Resources on the ADA

Idaho Human Rights Commission
The Idaho Commission on Human Rights administers state and federal anti-discrimination laws in Idaho in a manner that is fair, accurate, and timely. Our commission works towards ensuring that all people within the state are treated with dignity and respect in their places of employment, housing, education, and public accommodations.

Disability Rights Idaho
We give people a voice in court through legal representation. We give people a voice in government through public policy advocacy. We advocate for all people with disabilities in Idaho regardless of the type of disability or the age of the person.

Public Rights of Way Resources

Idaho Department of Transportation ADA Page

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Curb Ramp Standards

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Accessibility Resource Library

Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access (FHWA)

Draft Guidelines for Public Rights of Way

Idaho Building Code Board

Resources on Idaho Fair Housing

Intermountain Fair Housing Council

Idaho Fair Housing Forum

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Boise Office

Resources for People with Disabilities

Idaho State Independent Living Council (SILC)

The Idaho Assistive Technology Project

Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities

Idaho Disability Determination Services

Idaho Service Dog Advocates

Employment Resources for People with Disabilities

Idaho Able to Work Website for People with Disabilities and Employers

Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities

Idaho Department of Labor

Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Laws and Statutes

Title 67 State Government and State Affairs Chapter 59 Commission on Human Rights

Idaho Statute 67-5901 Purpose of Chapter Idaho Human Rights Commission on Title I and Title III of the ADA

Idaho Statute Title 67-5902 Definitions under the Idaho Human Rights Commission on Title I and III of the ADA

Idaho Statute 67-5907 Idaho Human Rights Commission: Complaints-Procedure on Complaint

IDAPA 45: Idaho Administrative Rules Governing Idaho Human Rights Commission

Parking Spaces, License Plates & Placards,
Marking Spaces in Parking Lots According to the ADA,
Idaho Law Covering Street Parking

Idaho Transportation Department Application for Disability License Plates & Placards

Title 49 Chapter 4: 49-410 Vehicle Registration Special License Plates and Placards for Persons with a Disability

Marking and Signing Parking Spaces for Persons with a Disability- Enforcement: Local Government and Owners of Private Property Open to Public Use

Title 49 Chapter 7:49-706 Blind and/or Hearing Impaired Pedestrian has Right of Way

Title 56 Chapter 7: 56-703 Rights of the Blind and Persons with Physical Disabilities to Full and Equal Accommodations in all Common Carriers, Hotels, Lodging Houses, Places of Public Accommodation or other Public Places

Service Dog Laws in Idaho

Title 56, Chapter 7 and Title 18, Chapter 5811-5812(B)


Idaho Building Codes

Title 39 Chapter 41 Idaho Building Code Act 39-4116. Local Adoption and Enforcement of Building Codes Equivalency with the Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the Federal Fair Housing Act Accessibility Guidelines

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