Wheelchair Spaces in Assembly Areas Calculator

Calculate Wheelchair Spaces in Assembly Areas

How many wheelchairs spaces do you need in your assembly area? Try out the calculator! And remember…
  • There must be wheelchair spaces in each luxury box, club box, and suite within arenas, stadiums, and grandstands. The number of wheelchair spaces required in luxury boxes, club boxes, and suites within an arena, stadium, or grandstand is to be calculated box by box and suite by suite.
  • The provision for seating in "other boxes" includes box seating provided in facilities such as performing arts auditoria where tiered boxes are designed for spatial and acoustical purposes.
  • At least one wheelchair space complying with 802.1 shall be provided in team or player seating areas serving areas of sport activity.
  • Wheelchair spaces shall not be required in team or player seating areas serving bowling lanes not required.
  • Wheelchair spaces shall be an integral part of the seating plan.
  • Wheelchair spaces shall provide lines of sight complying with 802.2 and shall comply with 221.2.3 of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. In providing lines of sight, wheelchair spaces shall be dispersed. Wheelchair spaces shall provide spectators with choices of seating locations and viewing angles that are substantially equivalent to, or better than, the choices of seating locations and viewing angles available to all other spectators. When the number of wheelchair spaces required by 221.2.1 has been met, further dispersion shall not be required.
  • At least one companion seat shall be provided for each wheelchair space required.
  • At least 5 percent of the total number of aisle seats provided shall comply with 802.4 of the ADA Standards and shall be the aisle seats located closest to accessible routes.
  • Lawn seating areas and exterior overflow seating areas, where fixed seats are not provided, shall connect to an accessible route.
You can find more information about accessible seating in assembly areas in the 2010 ADA Standards Section 221.
For information about purchasing tickets for accessible seating, check out the ADA National Network’s Accessible Parking Fact SheetTicketing Fact Sheet.
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