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How many accessible check-out aisles do you need? Try out the calculator! And remember…
  • The number you calculate means that you need that many of each of the following types: check-out aisles, sales counters, service counters, food service lines, queues, and waiting lines (whichever of those are represented in your facility).
  • Where the selling space is under 5000 square feet (465 m2) no more than one check-out aisle shall be required.
  • Where provided, at least one of each type of sales counter and service counter must be accessible.
  • Where self-service shelves are provided for food service lines, at least 50 percent, but no fewer than one, of each type provided shall comply with 308 in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.
You can find more information about accessible check-out aisles in the 2010 ADA Standards, Section 227.2 and Section 904.
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