ADA in the News May 7, 2021

Disabled Veteran Gets $25K and Apology After No-Trespass Order Prevented Him from Voting

A disabled Vietnam veteran with long roots in the community received a $25,000 settlement and a written apology from the town he holds dear after the superintendent unceremoniously barred him from school grounds - a move that he says prevented him from casting a primary ballot and getting a COVID vaccine at the high school.


Justice Department Reaches Agreement with Two Community Colleges to Improve Access for Students with Disabilities

The Justice Department announced today the signing of two agreements with community colleges to remove barriers experienced by students with disabilities, including veterans. The agreements, reached with Central Texas College of Killeen (CTC), located in Killeen, Texas, and Tidewater Community College (TCC), located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are part of the department’s commitment to ensure that educational institutions comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Both colleges have high populations of servicemembers who have returned from active duty.


Maryland Teen Inspired to Advocate for Students with Disabilities After Fire Drill

A Maryland teenager became an advocate for students with disabilities after a fire drill a year-and-a-half ago. Wootton High School senior Catherine Contreras’ said some students with disabilities were scared and had trouble evacuating and getting to a meetup point outside.

She’s become an advocate for students with disabilities demanding the school system bring its buildings into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. She has testified at Montgomery County Council and school board meetings, pleading with them to address safety and accessibility issues.

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