ADA 30th Anniversary Celebration in Washington State

Event Date(s): 
Monday, July 27, 2020
11:00am - 1:00pm

Join us in celebrating 30 years of progress for all!

A program celebrating the 30-year Anniversary of the ADA *Program will be accessible*

  • Presentations by Governor Inslees & Lt. Governor Habib
  • Speaking presentations by advocates & community leaders
  • Musical entertainment
  • Historical video footage
  • Interactive panel discussion

Visit TVW to watch the celebration:

July 27th, 11-1pm PST

You can share your story by visiting the ADA Celebration Facebook page

Be sure to use the hashtags: #ThanksToTheADA | #ADA30 | #ADA30WA


In addition, people with disabilities in Washington State can be a part of this state-wide broadcasted celebration by submitting short videos of themselves answering the question - "What is one way that the ADA has impacted or changed your life?" or "What is one way your life would be different today, if the ADA was not passed into law?" Event planners want the videos to reflect the diversity and intersectionality of our varied communities. They want people of color, all gender and sexual identities, and the full range of disability identities to consider sending in their stories. These personal videos will be an essential feature of the celebration program. Each video submitted should be 1 to 2 minutes in length. The planners can’t promise your video will be used during the program, but they do plan to post all of them to the event page on the GCDE website, and/or their event Facebook page.

Here is how to capture your 1 to 2 minute video clip (please do not exceed the 2 minute limit):

  1. Using a smart phone, open the camera and set it for video.
  2. Have a friend or use a stand/tri-pod to set up a “static” shot. Working with someone on this project is very helpful if you can do it.
  3. When setting up your phone, check the background of the shot to make sure it is appropriate and not a distraction.
  4. Try to do a close up shot with your torso or shoulders and head in the center of the frame.
  5. Wear a solid color, as prints will not film well.
  6. Speak loud enough to have good sound quality.
  7. Decide what you want to say in general terms before filming and don’t try to write a script of your answer - tell your story from your heart.
  8. Set a timer on your phone to start the recording -  sit in your spot and begin your story with the question you are going to respond to, or have someone else start the video.  (Hint: if you have an iPhone, your ear buds can be used as a start and stop function using the volume buttons).
  9. Decide in advance how you will determine when you are close to the time limit on recording.
  10. After you have recorded your video message, review it to make sure it is what you wanted to say and the quality is usable. (They do not need to be perfect).
  11. Follow the directions below to upload your video clip file to drop box.
  12. Once you have sent your video to drop box, please send an email to Mark Adreon, , informing that you have uploaded the file, and include in the text of your message a disclaimer stating that you are okay with the ADA Event Planning Committee using your video and image for the 30th Anniversary celebration.

How to send in your video clip:

Use the Dropbox folder titled "ADA photos and video clips" to submit your video clips. Follow the instructions. You don’t need to have a drop box account to send your video clip file.


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